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Long Lake Camp for the Arts

Long Lake Camp for the Arts Performance
“It’s an absolute haven of creativity”

If you are looking for a camp where your child’s creativity can thrive, Long Lake Camp for the Fine Arts is exactly that. “It’s the combination of friendships, the immersion in artistic pursuits, scheduling flexibility, and the unbelievable setting that make it better than any place on Earth” says one camp mom, and she’s absolutely right. This arts camp is located among the mountains and forests of the Adirondack Park, situated at the edge of one of its beautiful lakes. You would be hard pressed to find a more beautiful spot for a camp to be. Every year, during a choice of 3 or 6 weeks, campers come from 40 different states and 20 countries and share in this wonderful experience.

Long Lake Drama
“It’s the combination of friendships, the immersion in artistic pursuits, scheduling flexibility, and the unbelievable setting that make it better than any place on Earth.”

Long Lake Camp For The Fine Arts offers a wide range of fine arts activities plus opportunities for ground and water based sports. If your child is especially interested in that outdoor adventure experience, you might want to consider their associated camp: Long Lake Camp Adventures.  

Campers are free to choose their own schedule to include whichever activities interest them. Whether beginner or advanced, Long Lake Camp can accommodate all levels in any activity offered. Some campers have gone on to become professionals while some just love to express their creativity. The non-competitive atmosphere allows all campers to feel and do their best and enjoy their time at camp with their new friends.

The philosophy at Long Lake encourages all campers to be themselves and follow their dreams. Each camper is given the chance to make many decisions for themselves, allowing them to grow as individuals. The mindset of inclusion and teamwork is also very present in all activities. One parent said about her daughter’s involvement in a group performance, “It was such an empowering experience for her to be a part of a show, learn her lines and blocking and enjoy that sense of camaraderie that stems from a team effort.”

Long Lake Music
“It was thrilling to see how comfortable, confident and at ease she was.”

The Long Lake staff is full of experienced professionals who can offer so much wisdom and creative instruction to the campers. With 160 staff members and 260 campers, each camper gets a lot of personal attention. One thing that makes Long Lake stand out in ensuring camper satisfaction is its unit leader program. The unit leaders are a group of staff dedicated to making sure each camper is happy and getting everything they want from camp while keeping parents informed. Unit leaders help nervous campers overcome homesickness quickly, allowing them to get the most out of camp and have a blast.

A mother of two Long Lake campers explains how her youngest daughter was able to adjust to camp: “My youngest daughter did her first summer here and definitely experienced homesickness to a greater extent than her sister. I expected this – she’s a bit more attached than my oldest.  It was amazing to me, though, that after a few days, her Unit Leader, her bunk counselors, the camp directors, and everyone she came into contact with was so nurturing and supportive that she was able to overcome it and have an amazing time. She was in an act in the Circus show which she greatly enjoyed and she also produced a copious amount of artwork –painted silk scarves, drawings, ceramics and paintings.  She even rode horses which is wonderful because she’s always been a bit fearful of them. The horses at camp are so friendly that it made it easy for her to feel comfortable. I am so proud of her and so pleased with how the staff handled her transition.  They gave her exactly what she needed. What’s amazing to see is how her independence increased. During the visitors’ weekend, I fully expected her to be right by my side the entire time, but she surprised me by spending time with her friends. This was fine with me and frankly, it was thrilling to see how comfortable, confident and at ease she was.”


Long Lake Logo

“It’s not just one single thing that makes camp great – it’s the magical combination of caring people, an artistically enriched environment and the encouragement to be yourself and try new things.”

  • Camp Name: Long Lake Camp for the Arts
  • Location: 83 Long Lake Camp Way, Long Lake. NY. 12847
  • Contact email:
  • Website:
  • Phone: 914 693 7111
  • Founded: 1969
  • Owners: Marc and Susan Katz
  • Camp Directors: Carolyn Goodman and Geoff Burnett.
  • Number of campers: 260
  • Number of Staff: 160
  • Sessions: 3 three week and 2 six week options.
  • Ages for campers: 8 to 16 boys and girls.
  • Areas of specialty: Fine arts, Music, Dance, Theater, Circus, Rock Bands, Film, Magic, Improv, Comedy- plus fun sports and waterfront.
  • Campers come from all over the world.
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